5 Diamond Engagement Rings with WOW! Factor Spectacular Dazzle

Five 5 Diamond Engagement Rings with the WOW factor. 
5 diamond engagement rings to dazzle and beguile. Each style, uniquely different. One shared commonality – five diamonds within the setting.
For some buyers, the significance of 5 diamonds within a ring may carry meaning. Five children, a total of five within a family, or perhaps the celebration of a five year anniversary during a marriage. A diamond ring certainly beats wood! For others, it might be five years engaged without yet having found the perfect ring. The significance of 5 stone diamond rings is truly a personal aspect.
Our blog today puts forward, five, 5 stone diamond rings – amongst our favourite engagement ring designs from Serendipity Diamonds.
Cersei 5 stone diamond engagement ring
The Cersei design boasts a spectacular arrangement of diamonds within a decoratively crafted Trellis setting. Styled with a wedding-ring-friendly consideration, this design is one of the ultimate five stone settings.
View the Cersei 5 stone ring design

The Anniversary Ring
The Waverly Anniversary ring is styled with a sweeping ribbon of diamonds, interwoven across a bubble-style 5 diamond ring. This style is certainly an alternative engagement ring design, far less conventional than the classic one diamond ring style.
View the Anniversary 5 stone diamond ring

Tickled Pink Diamond 5 Stone Ring
The Tickled pink ring is a very popular five stone design. The all-diamond version (see Lyra) features the same setting. Our Tickled Pink version remains a constant all-time favourite for 5 stone engagement rings.
View the Tickled Pink ring. 

The Sweeping Odessa Engagement ring
View the Odessa ring design
The Odessa ring design features a cluster of bubbles held within the curvature of an alternative engagement ring style. Styled to fit a straight wedding band, the Odessa holds a cluster of dazzling white diamonds in a truly unique five diamond design.

Lyra 5 Stone all-Diamond Engagement Ring
View the Lyra design online
The Lyra design is all-diamond and similar to the Tickled Pink ring. Sweeping shoulders embrace small graduated outer diamonds either side of the centre stone. This elegant ring style features five diamonds and full certification for the middle diamond.

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