5 Places To Shop Online For Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds are a trend that cannot be ignored and that is increasing in popularity.While the traditional jewelry industry or the “real is rare” movement may not like it, their conflict-free origins and often up to 30%, cheaper price points make them appealing to many, especially millennials that are getting engaged. As a result, of the increasing popularity, a host of new retailers have pop-up online to capture this market opportunity. We rounded up five places you can easily shop online and research lab diamonds to help you on your search. 

1. Mia Donna Diamond sells lab diamonds and stimulant diamonds. They have the option to customize endless styles of the rings in the size stone you wish and also offer at home try on which is a huge bonus.

2. Ada Diamonds exclusively sells lab diamonds, including beautiful fancy colored ones. They also offer a concerige service and really help you at every step of designing your dream ring. 

3. Brilliant Earth now offers lab diamonds as a part of their building your own ring experience.  They have a wide breadth of assortment online and their customizable tool is easy to use. 

4. Eco Diamond is a new online retailer offering lab diamond engagement rings as well a lot of other fine jewelry made with lab diamonds.

5. Clean Origin Diamond has a clean, beautiful, and easy to navigate the website. They have some eye-catching styles and we love that they offer full bridal sets as well. It’s worth noting that lab diamonds are becoming extremely prolific and your local jeweler or indie jeweler should be able to source for you a lab diamond if that is something you are interested in – you should ask!You may also enjoy our top rated article on lab diamonds here.

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