Championship Ring Blunder – Update From Yesterday’s Blog

December 15, 2017

A championship ring collector was kind enough to alert me that the player Rangers championship ring on eBay has a major issue:

Yesterday I blogged about a 2011 American League championship ring on eBay and stated that it seemed like a good deal.

I received an email from a ring collector and he provided a photo of a player ring he owns. Sure enough the player version ring has more diamonds. Although it’s hard to see in the photo above, the second row of diamonds on the player version ring wraps completely around the ring.

This diamond wrap-around is seen in the photo above (top left). The ring shown on the right, is the championship ring being offered on ebay and you can see how the second row of diamonds stops at each end of the shank and does not continue around the championship ring.

I will be the first to admit, this does not seem like a big difference between the two rings, however seasoned championship ring collectors know that a smaller styled ring that contains less bling than a player’s version takes a significant hit in value.

And as we know, this is a not a winning World Series ring – it’s a championship ring awarded to the losing World Series team, so you can’t use the argument that $6,499.99 is still a cheap price for a World Series ring.

While the eBay seller is asking $6,499.99 and is accepting lower offers, with the information I received, this championship ring offering, in my humble opinion is no longer a really good value.

The eBay seller clearly states in his listing that this is a player championship ring and in fact, the player, according to the listing, had game contributions during the season.

Anyone still interested in this championship ring should contact the seller and ask for clarification. Perhaps the seller was not aware this was not a player’s version ring or perhaps he was aware. But going by the photos, we know for sure that the seller’s championship ring is different from the player version and not in a good way.

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