REVIEW: PANDORA Wintry Delight Charm

Capture the romance of Winter with this sensational seasonal charm!

~ ~ Guest review by Dora, ~~
“Let us love Winter, for it is the spring of genius.”
Despite being a ‘grown up’, my favourite thing about Winter is playing in the snow! I also adore the magical beauty of snowfall, as it illuminates an indigo twilight. The bewitching PANDORA Wintry Delight (796357EN63) charm, from the Winter 2017 collection, embodies everything I cherish about Winter.

When I first saw the preview images of the PANDORA Wintry Delight charm, I was enthralled by the swirling, sparkling midnight blue enamel. In real life it is even more mesmerising and depicts a starry night sky perfectly! The silver snowflake pattern is raised fractionally above the hand finished enamel coating, providing a delicate contrast.

The PANDORA Wintry Delight charm is quite compact and is comparable in size with the PANDORA Disney Olaf (791794enmx) charm or the new Disney Lilo & Stitch (796338enmx) charm. Interesting, unlike those two charms, the Wintry Delight charm is not engraved with the word ‘PANDORA’. The only hallmark is the standard ‘£925 ALE’, which is engraved on one side of the charm’s core.

The PANDORA Wintry Delight charm is fairly weighty for its size as it a threaded charm. The solid design of the Wintry Delight means you receive a nice amount of silver for your pennies too.

My first design is a wintry ‘Let it Snow!’ theme. Full of ice, crystals and snowflakes, this bracelet highlights the cool elegance of Winter. The Heart of Winter (791996CZ) charm is packed with snowfall at either side, with the sapphire blue Dazzling Snowflake (796358NTB) and the Wintry Delight charms. The snow flurry continues with the Crystallised Snowflake Clips (791997NMB) and Disney Frozen Snowflake (791563cz) charm’s crisp details. I decided on the PANDORA Signature Pavé Clasp Bracelet (590723CZ) for this look as the cubic zirconia stones complete the icy feel of the bracelet.

My second design is a tribute to good old British weather! Many have heard of the expression ‘Four Seasons in One Day’, and if you have ever visited the UK you will have experienced the truth of it! The ‘Four Seasons on One Bracelet’ features each season represented with a charm and a dangle.
The lovely Lavender Daisy Meadow (791487en66) charm and sweet Vintage Butterfly (791255CZ) dangle depict the softness of Spring. Summer fun is illustrated with the super cute new Disney Lilo & Stitch (796338ENMX) charm and the Sparkling Palm Tree (791540CZ) dangle. Watch out for our upcoming review of the PANDORA Disney Lilo & Stitch charm for more design ideas. Gorgeous, golden brown shades of Autumn are portrayed with the Golden Glitter Ball (796327EN146) charm. I symbolised my love of Autumn with the heart shaped PANDORA 2017 Club charm (792092D). The fresh, cool, wonder of Winter is represented with the Wintry Delight charm and the Heart of Winter Dangle (796372CZ) charm.

One of my current favoured combinations is PANDORA Rose with the new blue charms from the Winter 2017 collection. The combination of the warm rose gold and cool blues is divine! The brilliant blue Wintry Delight, Starry Night Sky Murano (791662CZ) and Dazzling Snowflake (796358NTB) charms are integrated with the PANDORA Rose Sparkle of Love (781241CZ) and Open Your Heart (780964) charms. If you are still undecided on starting a PANDORA Rose collection I fully recommend it. I have always been a silver or white gold kinda girl but PANDORA Rose jewellery has a incredible softness that is entrancing!

My final styling with the Wintry Delight charm is decorated with the baubleliscious Silver (796327EN144) and Golden Glitter Ball (796327EN146) charms encasing the rotund Wintry Delight charm. The shimmering trio of charms with their radiant enamel details look festive and fun on the PANDORA Open Bangle (596477)
My verdict on the PANDORA Wintry Delight Charm? Winterland wonderful!
The PANDORA Wintry Delight Charm (796357EN63) is $50 USD and is available from our preferred PANDORA retailer
Do you have the PANDORA Wintry Delight Charm or is it on your wishlist? Remember to send a link to anyone who needs a hint!
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