Should You Buy a Diamond Sight Unseen?

There are also many different ways to purchase a diamond in today’s market. There’s nothing quite like looking at a diamond in person, but we understand that sometimes the resources are not available to do so. This is when carefully purchasing a diamond remotely becomes the best option.

At Lauren B, we work with our clients remotely and assist them in viewing loose stones using HD photo and video. Regardless of how you decide to purchase a diamond- always make sure you see it first. It is one of the most important lifetime purchases so buying a diamond sight unseen can be tricky.
Here’s Why:
Even if you have access to the GIA certification of the stone, that is only one small piece of the story. It’s important to see the stone that you’re considering in some format. If it’s a photo or video, make sure it’s a high quality and high definition format to see every little detail. Anyone can tell you that a stone looks great but you should know exactly what you’re purchasing and seeing the stone will give you the entire picture.

At Lauren B, we work with diamonds in many clarity ranges. Even in the SI clarity range, all of our diamonds are eye clean. This means that no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. Majority of SI clarity range diamonds can have eye visible inclusions. The only way we can determine whether a diamond is eye clean is to evaluate it in person.

No Matter How You Purchase Your Diamond, 
Make sure you’re working with a trusted diamond consultant. Working with a professional will ensure every detail has been considered in finding your perfect diamond. For example, to the untrained eye the measurements of the stone may not stand out. To a professional, the measurements tell you immediately whether or not the diamond will look smaller than, standard, or larger than its carat weight.

When working with a client we select only the best diamond options that meet their criteria. We look for size, quality, and stay within budget including their desired setting.

One of our most useful tools is our online video gallery. Since we work with tons of remote clients we understand coming in person could be difficult. We post thousands of videos to our page showing diamond comparisons this way you can make a confident choice!

 Contact Lauren B today to begin discussing your diamond center stone interests and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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