The Most Important Holiday Gift for Jewelry Lovers: A Brown Jewelry Safe

As the days in December go by, I’m continually doing my jewelry duty by recommending all my favorite designers, shops and antique jewelry stores for all you holiday shoppers to buy jewelry from. But there’s one more important, very luxurious but often necessary item that I haven’t told you about until now! You can have loads and loads of jewelry, but if you are not keeping it organized or safe then you’re doing yourself a disservice. That’s why this year, above anything else, you should be wishing for a jewelry safe from Brown Safe! Or even better, make owning a safe from Brown Safe your New Year’s resolution! 
I love the Brown Safes for so many reasons, one of the most important being that it protects your precious possessions. But also on top of that, they are designed to keep you highly organized. Customization is key; these aren’t your average safes. They are specifically designed for gems and jewelry. You are offered a variety of layouts that allow you to build your own safe based on your needs. Luxurious finishes are another option you can choose when going through the steps of designing your own safe, along with outside color, interior finishes and lighting. By far my favorite part would be the drawer layout options, click to view all 18 possibilities. You know I was eyeing up the “drawer built for 100 rings.” 
Here are the steps to designing your own safe:
1. Pick your size: mini, small, medium or large (of course, custom sizes can be made as well)
2. Choose your colors and finishes:
Outside color: there are seven options including a custom paint job
Hardware finish: silver, gold, bronze
Lock type: dial, electronic, or biometric
Interior wood finish: there’s eight different luxurious wood options, as well as custom
Suede or velvet interior
Drawer pulls & drawer layout inserts: a few different pull options and all 18 layout options
3. Add-on options: lighting, door-mounted necklace rack, watch winders, door-mounted mirror, pedestal, three-spoke handle
4. Hinge location & door swing capabilties: should your safe swing open on the left or right and should it open to a 90 degree angle or 135 degree angle
5. Security levels: fire protection and security add-ons like alarms, etc.
If you’re like me, you’re drooling at the thought of all the possibilities of a custom safe. So hop on over to the Brown Safe website and start going through the steps and exploring the options! It is fun and gets you thinking about safe-guarding your jewels as they truly are little investments. 
This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Brown Safe.

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