Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends from 2017; A Look Back

While engagement ring trends can usually take some time to hold, 2017 saw tons of new styles come to light! Today we are going into the top 5 engagement ring trends from 2017!
Yellow Gold
While white metal rings are always popular we have seen yellow gold come back strong in 2017. For the past couple of years we saw rose gold taking the lead as the trending metal color of choice. Rose gold appears a bit more understated by blending in with most skin tones.
However, yellow gold is the natural color of gold and we definitely saw a return to the classics this year. Yellow gold has a bright appearance to it and stands out on every skin tone making it a real winner. One of our most popular ring designs this year has easily been the RS-275 featuring a white gold pave basket on a yellow gold pave band.
Oval Yellow gold RS-275
Morganite gems have taken the lead when it comes to color stone center options. Morganites are a very budget friendly option when it comes to a center stone option meaning you can get a very large carat weight for a fraction of the price of other gem stones. Morganites have a peachy-pink color to them which pairs amazing in our custom white and rose gold metal settings. Morganites also come in a variety of shapes and shades so there is truly something for everyone! One of our favorites is this Morganite oval set on a 3 row rose gold micropave band RS-296. Cushion cut morganites were also a big engagement ring trend for 2017 and the SOR-15351 is easily one of its popular ring designs!

6 Prongs
Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cut to date. It is no surprise to us that the delicate 6 prong ring design has been a real favorite this past year.
Previously, other jewelers have offered bulkier 6 prong ring designs where the metal on each prong was thick and heavy. However we have mastered the delicate 6 prong look where each one is razor thin. The beauty of 6 prong rings is that they accentuate the round shape of the diamond instead of giving it a more square look that 4 prongs can create. It is important for the 6 prong rings to be delicate because otherwise the extra prong will block light from entering the ring. Check out our RS-235 below
Round 6 prong 
Mismatched Stacks
This year’s engagement ring trends has really normalized mismatched stacking wedding bands and engagement rings. In previous years we found that most people would opt for a “matching wedding band” in shape and color. However this year we are finding contrasting rings to be all the rage! Pairing a thin white gold engagement ring with a colored bezel set ring, or colored thicker pave band is very trendy now. The reason for this is because a mismatched stack allows you to clearly see and define each individual ring. The rings don’t blend in as much providing the perfect backdrop for all your rings to stand out! Check out our wedding band style guide here to view different wedding band pairs

Elongated Radiant Cuts
Radiant cut diamond have taken the lead for all the square and rectangular diamond shape options for 2017. Their elongated appearance gives them a larger face up look then other square diamond shapes. Pair an elongated shape with their clean lines, brilliant cut faceting and we have a real winner! Radiant cuts transition perfectly in classic settings like this three stone SOR-17470 as well as in more modern settings like our SOR-17094 three row design. 

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