Not all jewellery has to be pricey to be precious. I bet you didn’t expect me to say that! You know how much I love jewellery, whether it is fine, fashion or antique. These fun VN Jewellery gold plated Cubic Zirconia Crystal Earrings feature a long tassel with a chandelier-like style. Earrings like these are so fun, because they move and sparkle when you do, so you can party all night long without the worry of losing them. They make the perfect travel companion when you’re travelling to not-so-safe places like Brazil or Cape Town, where I am headed for New Year’s Eve.

I think chandelier earrings are the most glamorous thing with their flirtatious sparkle and at a great affordable price, VN Jewellery Crystal Earrings are the perfect choice. I love how they mirror my every movement and catch the light with my every stride. A superb way to give yourself extra charm during the Christmas season. In my photos you can see how they reflect my every move, capturing my mood when I’m dancing and swirling during the holiday season .

I always have to think carefully about which jewellery pieces I’ll take with me on my travels. I never check in my jewellery. I prefer to wear my most precious pieces or carefully hide them in my travel jewellery box by Smythson. My fiancé does not let me travel with my diamond jewellery to places like Brazil and Cape Town. I leave my diamonds behind in a safety deposit box. Never, ever leave fine jewellery at home! Instead, look for alternatives like these stunning earrings that will give you sparkle without the hassle. That why VN Jewellery Crystal Earrings are the perfect party fix.

VN Jewellery Crystal Earrings are made from sparkling, clear crystal and are gold plated in a long tassel chandelier style. These dangle/drop earrings are sure to make a statement wherever you go and will become your dazzling go-to piece. Also these VN Jewellery Crystal Earrings are lead, nickel and cadmium free, which is very important.

VN Jewellery Crystal Earrings are available online for £26.79
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