What Are Simulant Diamonds?

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I’ll be honest when I first heard of simulant diamonds I was SUPER CONFUSED.Rightfully so, because I believe a lot of online retailers want to make them sound like they are diamonds when they are not.Are they diamonds? Are they not diamonds? What are they made of if they aren’t diamonds? How can they call them diamonds if they aren’t diamonds? You know – the rabbit hole…So let’s start with one very important fact – simulant diamonds are not diamonds.I know you ask how can they even call them diamonds then? Well, the FTC did rule against but unfortunately many online retailers still call them diamonds and I believe it is unfortunately intentionally misleading.  They got the name “simulant” because it’s supposed to sound like something similar. So similar to a diamond and for the most part they are. Many of them to the untrained or every trained eye look like diamonds and have that same sparkle.Simulant diamonds can be made of many different things like cubic zirconia, or “CZ”, moissanite, and YAG “yttrium aluminum garnet aka a type of gemstone” or some retailers have invented their own simulant in a lab. While many of these stones can look like diamonds, the bottom line is they are not chemically identical to diamonds and not diamonds. Many people are drawn to them because they look like diamonds but have substantially lower cost and are lots of good things like eco-friendly and conflict-free. Are they good or bad? I can’t say, because blanket statements like that really aren’t my ethos, but I do know they can be confusing how people market them especially online and you should always educate yourself on what you are buying. Something else to make clear on this super confusing topic  – simulant diamonds are also not lab diamonds. While yes, they are grown in a lab like lab diamonds they aren’t chemically the same composition as a diamond.  You May Also Like

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