What to Give a January Birthday Girl

Individuals born in January are related to the garnet birthstone. Garnets are identified for his or her wealthy, vivid colours and are related to peace and prosperity.

You most likely consider garnets as being deep crimson. But, these month’s birthday ladies even have many choices when it comes to January birthstone jewellery. Did you already know that these gems additionally are available inexperienced and purple? And that’s only for starters.

Garnet Colors and Characteristics

In reality, garnets seem within the biggest vary of colour of any mineral, just about each colour besides blue. Those well-known deep crimson garnets are the varieties pyrope and almandine, however you’ll typically discover wonderful jewellery fabricated from grape garnets, shiny pink-red rhodolite garnets, the attractive inexperienced tsavorite or demantoid varieties, and orange-red hessonite garnets.

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Not solely do they arrive in attractive colours, garnets can have distinctive properties that make them particularly eye-catching. They typically exhibit asterism, a star-shaped sample of reflections, and chatoyancy, a “cat’s-eye” sample in mirrored gentle, and may seem to change colour underneath several types of lighting.


Garnet Birthstone History and Meaning



Garnets have been valued for his or her magnificence for the reason that Bronze Age. The pharaohs of historic Egypt wore crimson garnet necklaces, and historic Roman rulers used rings with carved garnets to stamp the wax on essential paperwork. More not too long ago, garnets have been very trendy within the Victorian period. The January birthstone’s which means has been influenced by many alternative cultures. They signify friendship, romantic love, sensuality and intimacy, and have been thought to heal and strengthen the blood, coronary heart and lungs.

Buying and Caring for Garnet Jewelry

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If you’re searching for a January birthday woman, garnet jewellery is a can’t-miss selection. Consider elegant garnet stud earrings, a garnet pendant or a piece of  classic garnet jewellery.  Brilliant Earth garnets are sourced from protected reservations within the Southwestern United States, from mines that present Native Americans with protected livelihoods and which make use of eco-friendly mining practices.



In the center vary of hardness and toughness, garnets shouldn’t be subjected to tough put on, although they don’t seem to be affected by publicity to gentle. Clean them with gentle cleaning soap and heat water.

Final Thoughts

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